DRINK: The Perfect Summer Red Wine — Cabernet Franc

4335_Cabernet Franc

I don’t claim to know all that much about wine.  I know that my favorite white wine is Sauvignon Blanc and that I don’t particularly care for Chardonnay.  But when it comes to red, I’m even more of a novice.  Until this past winter, I didn’t drink red wine at all only because I assumed I wouldn’t like it.  As I’ve tried more reds, I definitely have an appreciation and even a taste for them–especially in the colder months but this past weekend I finally discovered what I believe is the perfect red wine for summer: Cabernet Franc.

I came to my mom’s house this weekend in Westchester to enjoy one of the remaining weekends of summer with some quality outdoor time and of course, some good wine.  We always drink wine at home and when she reached for the bottle of Cabernet Franc I was intrigued and ultimately blown away.  The color was definitely on the lighter side and the wine itself was refreshing and mild.  It wasn’t too strong at all and was incredibly drinkable.  The specific bottle she had was from the Saratoga Winery, which is $18.  Perfect for a housewarming gift or even for yourself on a summer night.

I can’t wait to go to my local wine store and find a bottle of Cabernet Franc to enjoy before the summer is over.  I’m so excited about it that I just had to share this wonderful discovery in hopes that you can bring a bottle along to your Labor Day plans!