Review: Vittoria Fleet- Acht LP

Acht LP cover art

Acht LP cover art

I was pretty amazed when I first heard the new LP from Vittoria Fleet. The album was released on April 29th on Oakland based n5MD Records.  Vittoria Fleet are Berlin based duo Allan Shotter and Giada Zerbo. Their debut effort was a 2011 EP called “Kissing Cousins” which was an ode to their time in London before moving to Germany.

It seems as if every track has its own feel and sound but they still form a cohesive album all together. I love their use of the retro synth a la Boards of Canada with each track being carefully layered with synth runs weaving in and out of the vocals.

Speaking of which, Zerbo’s vocals are tremendous and the mixing of this album is great in that her airy vocals never seemed to be covered up by the music. I really loved the layering of her vocals on “Frida” that went along nicely with the pulsating beat. She ends it with almost a chant at the end of the track.  Very cool stuff.

As much as I liked the vocals, the last track “Savuca Redux” is a great meditational aide with no lyrics and loads of synth waves. It was so relaxing to listen to it and you can really sit, enjoy, and let the music wash over you. It begins very dark similarly to Boards of Canada’s “Tomorrow’s Harvest” closer “Semena Mertvykh” but feels less bleak.

There is a darker overall feeling to the album, but it didn’t seem depressing at all, just more “urgent.” “Acht LP” is truly a beautiful piece of art and I really hope they release new material sooner than another three years!

You can pick up the Acht LP on n5MD Records’ store for $11.

-Chillout Scene