MUSIC: Courtship Ritual – Pith

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Like 84,283 other groups Courtship Ritual is an Brooklyn based indie rock band, however unlike 99% of them they don’t suck. Made up of Monica Salazar (Vox, loops) and Jared Olmstead(guitar bass loops) they may make ‘indie rock’ but don’t fall for many of the trops that many of the bands with that label feel like they need to do. Salazar’s vocals are surprisingly soulful at times and the musical backdrop they create for them pushes them forward in the mix. The beats themselves are unfussy but still complex, they subtlety shift and build as many of the tracks go on. It’s definitely worth a listen and besides the video clip for album opener “Yellow Spiders” we have the whole thing for stream below. Its out today on Godmode (love that name) records.