FOOD: UWS Neighborhood Profile [NYC]

For the past two years I have called 83rd and West End home.  And in true New York fashion, it’s time to leave my current apartment.  While I am not-so-secretly thrilled to call 7th and B my new home, I am finding myself a little nostalgic for the places I’ve been happy to call favorites over the past couple of years.

Downtown may be more of a foodie’s paradise, but the UWS does have some gems that I’m sad I won’t be visiting nearly as often.  And just as I leave, a Meatball Shop pops up.  At least that’s one thing you can find anywhere, right?

So in no particular order, here is a list of some of the places I’ve known and loved on the Upper West Side.

The Dead Poet
450 Amsterdam Avenue (@ 81st)

This place probably meant the most to me–a great local bar where you knew everyone.  I’ve never been a regular at a bar before until I came here.  The friends I made here will always remain special to me, but check this place out if you’re in the neighborhood.  My favorite by far of all the similar kinds of bars on Amsterdam.   And who doesn’t love free popcorn?


476 Amsterdam Avenue (@83rd)

Amazing mac and cheese, cozy atmosphere that’s perfect for the fall/winter, great outdoor space perfect for summer, decent prices…Fred’s pretty much has everything you could look for in a local spot.  Diverse menu, but seriously, try the mac and cheese.

Jacob’s Pickles
509 Amsterdam Avenue (@85th)

Comfort food at its finest.  This place is a great addition to the neighborhood and I’ve always had a good time here.  Sometimes the bill creeps up, but I have no regrets.  And the deep fried Oreos are to die for.

Calle Ocho
45 West 81st Street

Classic brunch spot that makes for a fun day on the Upper West Side.

cafe lalo

Cafe Lalo
201 West 83rd Street

As a huge fan of “You’ve Got Mail”, I remember being thrilled when I first moved in since I would only be down the street from here.  This is a great place for amazing desserts and a surprisingly good vegetarian menu.  And the twinkle lights on the trees are a perfect touch year round.