FOOD: Ovenkina, Melt Bakery and more from National Ice Cream Day [NYC]

Ice cream nailed its big weekend in New York City, solidifying its spot as the reigning sweet of summer. All across town, celebrations were held in honor of National Ice Cream Day, a day that helps celebrate National Ice Cream Month, which is assuredly in the running for Ronald Reagan’s greatest accomplishment as the 40th President of the United States. Two of the city’s most notable parties were held at the Hester Street Fair and Brooklyn Flea on both Saturday and Sunday; based on the offerings, it’s safe to say we won one for The Gipper.

Here are some of the highlights:

Hester Street Fair Ice Cream Social:

MAG_0243 edit

Hester Street Fair offered a nice mix of smaller-scale producers and larger success stories. Vendors included Melt Bakery, Handsome Dan’s (shaved ice), Davey’s Ice Cream, Baldies & Friend (ice cream choco tacos), Adirondack Creamery, DF Mavens (dairy-free ice cream), and Tipsy Scoop (liquor-infused ice cream).

Melt mashup

Many producers offered mini portions that gave foodie stomachs a much-appreciated break—and allowed for maximum sampling.

ice cream sandwich mashup

Melt Bakery‘s ice cream sandwiches were pretty perfect: nostalgia in a bite. Plus two points for staying together when we took our bites. No fear of losing any ice cream here!

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Refreshing, creamy Summer Cherry ice cream served up from Luca & Bosco.

tipsy scoop mashup

A (melty but boozy) bit of Dark Chocolate & Salted Caramel Whiskey from Tipsy Scoop.

MAG_0200 edit

Daly Pie making sure Team Pie is represented, and making a great case for à la mode.

mom and popsicle mashup

Apricot Elderflower popsicles from Mom & Popsicles.

trop pops rosette mashup

Trop Pops’ chocolate-covered frozen fruit (left); Ice cream toppings provided by Rosette (right).

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The suggested ice cream social attire.

Brooklyn Flea (Williamsburg) Annual Ice Cream Bonanza:

The Couch Sessions - Food - Ice Cream NYC - Casey Feehan

The all-star ice cream lineup at Brooklyn Flea on Sunday included Oddfellows, Morgenstern’s, Steve’s, Phin & Phebe’s, Victory Gardens, Blue Marble, and Butter & Scotch, who offered their infamous pie-shake.

The Couch Sessions - Food - Ice Cream NYC - Casey Feehan

(above) Oddfellows brought their fun summer flavor faves like S’mores and Cornbread; (below) Happy to see newcomer Morgenstern’s dishing it up across the river.

The Couch Sessions - Food - Ice Cream NYC - Casey Feehan

Steve’s (previously only known to the author through a refrigerated case) brought out the good stuff: pretzel cones and a vegan doughnut sandwich (below).

The Couch Sessions - Food - Ice Cream NYC - Casey Feehan

Unbelievable. Speechless. Just. Cannot.

The Couch Sessions - Food - Ice Cream NYC - Ovenkina passionfruit spring break - Casey Feehan

Collaboration of the summer award goes to La Newyorkina and Ovenly, who blended both perspectives on desserts—from La Newyorkina, the vibrant flavors of Mexico; from Ovenly, classic flavors with a playful twist—into truly winning combinations, including tequila-passionfruit sorbet with lemon fluff (above): the stuff of ice cream dreams. (left) Signature salty cones.

The Couch Sessions - Food - Ice Cream NYC - Ovenkina - Casey Feehan

Other #ovenkina combinations included “Holy Mole” (sweet cream ice cream with ancho chile-cinnamon brownies and a cajeta swirl) and Mexican chocolate milk ice cream.

National Ice Cream Day may be over, but National Ice Cream month is still going strong, so make sure you get out and try some of these delicious scoops for yourself!