FOOD & DRINK: Pier 13 [Hoboken]

One of the best parts of Hoboken is the waterfront. Whether you meet the water uptown or downtown, the view is breathtaking and there is plenty to do–or not do. You can sprawl out on a cool piece of lawn and get your fix of Vitamin D or take a stroll and stop for a cold beer and a good meal–and one of the best places to fuel up and chill out is Pier 13. This completely outdoor hotspot starts with a daily lineup of food trucks and ends at a turf-covered pier dotted with lawn chairs, bean bags, Jenga, and best of all, a selection of beer, wine and sangria to sip on in the sunshine.


Located where 13th Street meets the water, Pier 13 has a changing line-up of mobile eateries every day of the week. You can follow them on Facebook to get the weekly rundown or just show up–either way you are bound to find something that will satisfy your appetite. On any given night you can expect four to five different options; some of the trucks to appear on the scene are…

Pizza Vita / Thai Elephant / Empanada Guy / Oink and Moo / Cow and Curd / The Outslider / Hunger Construction / Dark Side of the Moo / Taco Truck / Incrediballs / French Quarter / Luke’s Lobster / Fork in the Road / Amanda’s Bananas / Waffle de Lys





One of my favorite Pier regulars is Luke’s Lobster, serving up lobster, crab and shrimp rolls in perfectly toasted buns. Their seafood salads don’t display the typical mayo-slathered recipe. Instead, they spread some mayo on the bun, which is perfectly crunchy on the edges but oh so soft on the inside. Topping the bun is the shellfish of your choice tossed in a lemony mixture that is light, peppery and delicious.

Shrimp Roll

Only steps away from where the food trucks are located, past one bouncer (must be 21+ to enter but children are allowed to accompany their guardian), you will find beer, wine and sangria to sip under an umbrella at one of the picnic tables or circled up on the turf lawn under the warm sun. No matter where you take a seat, that New York City skyline never gets old.

Where to Find the Adult Beverages #1

Where to Find the Adult Beverages #2




Sangria in a Solo Cup

However you decide to start your visit at Pier 13, there is only one way to finish it off–and that is at Amanda Bananas. They have found a way to take a banana and blend it into a soft serve dessert, then top it off with a wide range of syrups, nuts, fruit, candy and beyond. No need to feel guilty for indulging–the nutritional facts for the base of this treat are exactly that of a banana. Whatever you decide to top it off with–that’s on you.


IMG_4624      IMG_4627

Amanda Bananas w/Nutella and Chopped Almonds

The texture and flavor is a healthier twin of banana soft serve ice cream and it’s hard to convince yourself any remorse would be unnecessary.

Listed as one of the top outdoor bars in Hoboken by CBS New York, this popular spot offers “Pier Pressure” happy hour Monday through Wednesday and other fun events like Food Truck Frenzy–a roster of 20+ trucks to sample in one evening. You don’t need a reason to go to Pier 13–but you can always find one.


Pier 13 Hoboken
1301 Sinatra Drive
Hoboken, NJ 07030