DRINK: Gallow Green [NYC]


While I still have yet to experience Sleep No More (I know, I know–it’s on my agenda this summer) I did finally get to go to Gallow Green, the rooftop bar at the McKittrick Hotel.

Rooftop bars are the best part about summer in Manhattan.  And Gallow Green has to be one of my favorites.  Walking in I thought to myself, this is magical.

gallow green

Let’s talk about getting there: it’s not super close…to anything.  The nearest subway is a few avenues away but it’s definitely worth it.  I went around 6:30 on a Thursday evening and didn’t have to wait at all.  I told the bouncer I was going to Gallow Green and I took the next elevator up and was transported to a leafy oasis.  I think a couple of friends I was meeting said they waited a few minutes, but nothing crazy.  But if you are going later on or on a weekend, I would make a reservation just to ensure you don’t have to wait.


The cocktail list is great–and they have special punch bowls that I’m definitely going to get next time I’m with a larger group.  The beer list was fine, nothing special but nothing wrong and drinks were decently priced for a rooftop–$15 cocktails and $7 beers.  The only annoying part was the $40 credit card minimum at the bar, but if you’re with a group you will certainly reach that in no time at all.

Overall, this place is again, magical.  It would make a great date spot or somewhere to impress out of towners.  I will definitely be back.  The vibe is chill and relaxed and the people aren’t obnoxious.  And when you’re frequenting rooftop bars in the city, that’s key.


Gallow Green
542 West 27th Street
New York, NY 10001