What I’m Feelin: Summer Food and Drink Edition

Welcome to a new post of What I’m Feelin’, where I detail 3 or 4 of the coolest things I’m into this week. Since it’s summer in some parts of the country (definitely not in NYC today) I figure I would start off with some essentials for the warmer season. Check it. 

Cold Brew Coffee


So I’ve been putting off cold brew coffee for the longes. Maybe because I’ve been confusing “cold brew” for the wack “iced coffee” that your local Starbucks tries to pass on to the uninformed masses.

Having that said, Cold Brew is a revolution. Not only does the coffee never go bad, and has a sweeter, more nurturing taste, but it also is the perfect way to cool off an amp up during the hot and humid summer months while still getting a buzz on. Plus you can make gallons of the stuff and keep them for days, eliminating the need to fire up the grinder/coffee press every morning. Nothing wrong with that.

Surprisingly, Starbucks has not gotten on the cold press bandwagon, but several local coffee shops, including the glorious Crema BK in Greenpoint serve up a delicious brew.



The United States is going pretty IPA crazy these days. These potent, hoppy brews could be found at any hipster beer spot and even in the beer case of your local gentrifying bodega. However I stress that you check out some great Saisons that will be appearing on beer lists this summer. Once the nectar of French farm workers, the slightly sweet taste is actively being pursued by brewmasters in the US. I recommend 21st Amendment’s Sneak Attack Saison or Stone Brewery (San Diego’s) amazing namesake brew.

At 6% APV or lower it’s probably not gonna get you drunk, but if you’re trying to do that then you’re better off with Bud Light anyway.

Specialty Pizza


So my girlfriend and I made a specialty pizza a few weeks ago thanks to Blue Apron and I was blown away. It consisted of a béchamel sauce (flour, butter and milk) topped with sautéed onions, roasted sweet potatoes, and arugula. I was mad skeptical at first, but it was the perfect combination of sweet and savory. Basically I’m gonna be making this every day for the rest of the summer.

Beer + Tea Cocktails


For most of our lives we’ve grown up thinking that beer and mixers are kept separate. But thankfully we live in a “balls to the wall” food culture where everything is fair game. I had the opportunity to try Capital Tea’s tea lager at the NYC Coffee+Tea festival earlier this year and was blown away. Beer and Tea together. Who knew? Also on the list is Owl’s Brew that works with both beer and liquor. Check our interview with the founders here.