STYLE: Thrifty Thursday – Mom-Jean-Shorts


It’s time to whip out those scissors and that ruler-and act like you know what your doing.

We’ve seen the mom jean shorts in recent summers and we can expect more of it this summer. Instead of going out to buy those $60 shorts, how about we take a detour route and scroll through the thrift shop?

In any other season, most would not even bother going through the women’s denim section, they seem to exclusively hold those incredibly wide legged jeans that beg the question ‘in what decade did they even wear jeans like this.’ But here’s a chance to make something of them. The denim sections are loaded with old jeans, and chances are you’ll get lucky and find some vintage 90’s pair. With ten dollars or less out of your pocket and a pair of scissors in your hand, you are well equipped to act like a seamstress/fashion designer for five minutes.

Lie the jeans out on a flat surface, and (use a ruler and marker to create a line- or not) and cut the jeans on a diagonal, where the sides are shorter than the center, leaving some inches to form a two or three fold cuff. Because these jeans are usually thick, more than three folds will most likely be uncomfortable.

If you want to go for more of a choppy undone look, forget the extra length for the cuff and go straight for the length you’re looking for – or lack of length for that matter. One wash will cause the frays to form from the edges. (Disclaimer: when cutting, just remember; chegs weren’t cute last summer, and they probably won’t be this summer).

When it comes to clothes, attempting to take matters into your own hands can be intimidating, but the fun thing with this project is, it’s denim. Not silk. A tear here, or a wrong snip there will only add to the personalization of the piece, not take away from the structure.

So thrift out a pair of old jeans and get ta-snippin’.