STYLE: The “Queen of Streetwear”



This Memorial Day marked the 20 year anniversary of Aaliyah’s first album, and complex mag posted a video tribute to her greatest moments in menswear. 

We can all remember Aaliyah’s iconic 90’s b-girl style: crop tops, baggy pants, shades. Translation; simple, sexy, comfortable.

There are not many combinations that can put forth this message, and she found it. But this combination has always been right under our noses – the secret ingredient: boy’s clothes.

It takes a strong woman to slip into boxers, a big neon track suit, a sports bra, and rock it out while still exuding a natural femininity.

She had fun with her style and she approached it in a very open and free manner, coming across as effortless as her raw music talent.

She serves as a great example of a fearless gender defying style. Catch the video and below some pieces that can be incorporated into your summer wardrobe in remembrance of Baby Girl, the Queen of Streetwear.