STYLE: Marley has Arrived


The Marley Apparel Spring/Summer 2014 and Soccer Capsule Collection 2014 has arrived. Designed by his daughter, Cedella Marley,  and launched through Universal Music Group’s global music merchandising company, Bravado, we have a line of summer essentials reflective of the man who made the music that captures the essence of summer. Colorful track jackets just in time for soccer mania, vibrant board shorts, and shirts and tank styles ranging from Rastafarian prints and colors, to plain white tees with a small print of the iconic Marley name. This line not only parallels the style he himself wore, but it also managed to capture a certain essence of his person through materials used. The fabrics range from recycled plastic bottle fibers, hemp, and organic cotton- the slow fashion movement is one which we are sure he would have appreciated. This fusion of music and  fashion was thoroughly executed, making the personal style of one of the world’s most influential artists accessible to his ever-strong fan base. Effortless and practical, yet symbolic and meaningful, this line stays true to the legend, and adds another dimension to it by making his legacy something we can wear. 



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