SCREEN: Just Say No….To The War On Drugs


Who would’ve thought that our “land of the free” would have the most jailed citizens in the world? This stands true even when compared to Russia or China.  Criminal sentencing for drug possession or use has been a massive failure ever since its inception. People who are arrested and convicted for minor possession are forever stigmatized in our system – putting them at a disadvantage to find legal straight up jobs.

This leads to a cycle. Young inner city minority kids get busted for minor possession, now these kids can’t find jobs, so they look to drugs as an escape or as a way to make money.  All of this while major pharmaceutical companies are caking, stuffing pills and cash in psychiatrists’ and hospitals’ wallets. Private-owned jails and their lobbyists laughing straight to the bank.

Check out this Eugene Jarecki Digital Short and CLICK HERE TO TELL CONGRESS TO ACT.