MUSIC: Basement Jaxx – Unicorn

Basement-Jaxx (1)

For my money the best dance music duo coming out of the late 90’s weren’t two robots with a love affair with disco, it was Basement Jaxx. While Daft Punk were doing great things with samples, trying to force organic sounds out of machines, Basement Jaxx went the opposite direction. Their production was extremely multi-layered and took an ‘Everything but the kitchen sink’ approach to house music. It just made you feel like there had to have been 20 people in the studio with them jamming and dancing along.

While their later work was subject to diminishing returns (similar to the robots), I will take the Pepsi challenge with their first two records, Remedy and Rooty, any given day.

It only makes sense with the current house music revolution they’ve are planning to drop their latest longplayer, Junto. They released a video for their latest single, Unicorn, which is a must watch for anyone who likes cute cartoon stuff.