LIVE: Kelis serves up ‘Food’ and other Tasty treats at the 9:30 Club [DC]

Kelis has proven over and over again that her milkshake still brings folks to the yard, and they came out this past Sunday night to the legendary 9:30 Club in Washington DC for nourishment.

But before the Bossy one took the stage, Son Little pka Aaron Livingston opened the show with his own brand of Blues and Soul.  Some of you might be familiar with his work with the Legendary Roots Crew and Icebird –his collaboration with DJ/Producer RJD2. After playing a few songs and bringing out the rest of his “band” which consisted of another guitarist and Mac (aka his laptop), which was funny. His set was solid and he was a good appetizer.

Now it was time for the entree!  Kelis sauntered out to the stage rocking her big 70’s glam hair, decked out in a form-fitting turquoise sweater and sequin bellbottom pants.  I’ve seen Kelis perform before, I’m talking from Kaleidoscope through Flesh Tone and most recently at SXSW during the Hype Hotel showcase.  And I have to say that her vocals were really solid.  She belted out a few notes that I didn’t know she could reach (this is not a diss to her in any regards), but just to say that she’s really improved vocally.  She’s always had the balls….ALWAYS!

The crowd sang along with her note for note, she had them eating out of the palm of her hand.  If you stateside folks missed her this go round I’m sure she’ll tour the states again.  Now, all you overseas folks be on the lookout because Kelis is coming your way. WEPA!!!

Just to let you know what you missed, peep the setlist below.


Feeling Good #1




Friday Fish Fry


Lil Star


Forever Be

Trick Me

Feeling Good #2




Get Along With You/Good Stuff

Jerk Ribs

Bless the Telephone

4th of July (Fireworks)


Feeling Good #3