LIVE: Alice Smith at The Howard Theatre [DC]

Photos: Victoria Ford/Sneakshot Photography

R&B, rock, jazz, blues, it’s hard to say what genre Alice Smith’s music falls into but it’s easy to say it’s good music. Howard Theatre played host for back to back nights this past weekend as Alice Smith returned home still promoting her latest album, She.

Backed by a band, Smith’s captivating voice had the crowd applauding after every song. A very intimate show despite the size of the venue. The excited crowd would yell encouraging and adoring phrases throughout the night like “you better sing” and “I love you”. Smith would acknowledge and continue to do her thing.


Most of the were songs off her latest album but she did a few off of For Lovers, Dreamers and Me like New Religion and Love Endeavor. One of my favorites of the night was the cover of Cee Lo’s Fool For You. Older songs felt like new and all the songs sounded even better than the cd.

Although she didn’t work the stage much, she did dance around the mic and by the end of the show most of the crowd was up dancing. She was very fun and even came back out for an encore as the crowd chanted her name for a few minutes not wanting the show to be over. Very emotional performance that everyone got caught up in.

Alice Smith put on a good show and I think Howard Theatre was the best venue for it. I really enjoyed the mix of the music and her voice is amazing. If you have the chance, go see Alice Smith.

Written by Toronto Alsbrooks courtesy of