FOOD: Which Celebs You Can Hire as Your Personal Chef

What do Kelis, Coolio, Flavor Flav and now Lo Bosworth have in common?

They all* went to culinary school. That’s right: whether it was part of a starter career before they became famous, a savvy business move or just a nagging void to fill, all of these celebrities have decided at one point or another that cooking was calling their true calling.

*Ok, technically Coolio  doesn’t have his culinary degree, but after reading through “Cookin’ With Coolio,” we like to think that he schools us in culinary arts.

Other famous individuals have come out as culinarians, too, like actor Stanley Tucci, model Padma Lakshmi and that Goop girl Gwyneth Paltrow, but these four stand apart from the rest by taking their passion to the next level. Culinary school is not something you just do on a whim, and chefs do not like to give special treatment. In honor of these individual’s hard work and serious commitment to food, we’ve put together a brief rundown on how they got their start and what we think their house specialty would be:

Kelis Chef Cooking School

Photo courtesy of Yahoo! Food


Previously known for: Her bossy, saucy lyricism in the R&B world

Culinary Cred: Kelis graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in 2008—since then, the songstress has been feeding her appetite by creating a cooking show, Saucy and Sweet, on the Cooking Channel, putting together an album entitled “FOOD” and a line of BBQ sauces named “Feast.”

Quote: “I focused on being a saucier. Anything with a sauce involved, I flourished… Everything I do has a certain quality, a certain flair, a certain flavor. I like to eat the way I like to dress, the way I listen to music: put it all together and it’s a great party.” – Kelis, T Magazine Interview

Dish we’d demand: Jerk ribs, of course, with cobbler for dessert. She just makes it sound so good.

Cookin with Coolio

Photo courtesy of The Decadence Factor


Previously known for: Rapping. Acting. Being the kind of G the little homies wanna be.

Culinary Cred: Coolio began a video series featuring some of his favorite recipes, and followed up that success with a cookbook in 2009, entitled “Cookin’ with Coolio,” featuring “5-star recipes at a 1-star price.”

Quote: Too many to choose, really. “Seriously, if someone don’t like this appetizer, you gotta grab they scruffy ass by the back of their neck and throw them out on the lawn. I can’t help people like that.” – Coolio, “Cookin’ With Coolio”

Dish we’d demand: His fried chicken. Apparently, he says “[it] would literally put on tennis shoes and run the fuck into your mouth.” Can’t think of a better endorsement for chicken than that.

Flavor Flav chef

Photo courtesy of Rap Music Guide.

Flavor Flav:

Previously known for: Public Enemy; clocks; a deep longing for love.

Quote: “You can go to the Colonel, you can ask him what he put in his recipe. He ain’t going to tell you. You can go to Popeye’s, ask them what they put in they put in their recipe, they ain’t going to tell you. So you come to FFC—Flav’s Fried Chicken—ask Flav, what does he put in his recipe? He ain’t going to tell you, either.”

Culinary Cred: Flavor Flav graduated from culinary school in 1978—though it’s unclear where he went to get his degree. He cooked in several restaurants, and in 2011 Flav opened his own fried chicken restaurant.

Dish we’d demand: Considering Flav’s Fried Chicken was only open for 4 months, we’re going to let Coolio handle our drumsticks. But we bet Flavor’s biscuits are killer.

Lo Bosworth culinary school

Image courtesy of Lo Bosworth’s Instagram account.

Lo Bosworth

Previously known for: That Beach and Those Hills.

Culinary Cred: Lo is a very recent graduate of the Farm-to-Table program at The International Culinary Center in NYC. She attended to learn how to create recipes for Revelry House, a lifestyle and entertaining company she co-founded.

Quote: “Def going to make the tall white chef’s hat a summer trend after graduating from culinary school today!” – Lo Bosworth, Instagram. Totes.

Dish we’d demand: Like a good foodie, Lo keeps her Instagram pantry of food well-stocked. We’ll take this, this, and one of these, thanksverymuch!