FOOD: Hudson Eats [NYC]

This past week was the opening of the highly anticipated Hudson Eats, the glorified food court that’s part of the new Brookfield Place complex. This food court is not a typical, suburban mall, food court. This is much, much better. With no Panda Expresses or S’barro’s in sight, Hudson Eats has redefined the term and stepped it up a notch to bring the best and most talked about Manhattan food all in one place. Restaurants include the likes of Num Pang, Dos Toros, Mighty Quinn’s, Skinny Pizza, Lil Muenster, Tartinery, Umami Burger, and the newest member of the food craze family, Black Seed Bagels all under one roof.


The space has a sleek and modern design, with each shop completely branded to look as though they could be stand alone stores. Num Pang has their famous graffiti, Mighty Quinn’s has their vintage signage, Digg Inn’s counter looks as though you’re in their own store, and Sprinkles is as bright and colorful as ever, being the first vendor that’s seen as you enter the space. Tables throughout the hall offer casual seating inside, while the giant patio outside offers the opportunity to eat al fresco while overlooking the Hudson.


Most vendors have kept their menus consistent with their other locations, with Umami Burger being the exception. They added a special burger to their list particular to the Brookfield Place location that has a pastrami base rather than a beef burger. Time will tell if the other vendors will follow suit.


Mighty Quinn’s Pulled Pork Sandwich

Hudson Eats is still a work in progress as there are even more vendors to move in. Incoming restaurants include Parm and a giant marketplace called Le District, but those will not be open for another year. Until then, we’ll just have to get in line at Black Seed before they sell out of their out-of-the-box bagel creations, once again.

Hudson Eats
Brookfield Place, World Financial Center