STYLE: Bras in Public

An inevitable trend, as crop tops were getting shorter and shorter with each coming summer, and bandeaus started loosing their versatility, the bra top is one for the brave-hearts. Those of you who kept with New Years Workout Resolutions, now is your time to shine. And for those who don’t give a hoot, get on in that spot light, because this trend is sure to catch some glances. We saw it executed in a glam/rock fashion at the Billboard Music Awards earlier this week by Kelly Rowland and Nicki Minaj, and more practical versions of this are popping up (plus, we all already have a bunch of bras sitting in our drawer, just waiting for their day beau). As outlandish as this may seem, this is a pretty practical trend. As women, we are forced to wear this garment every day, so why not shed all that excess? And what a better time than when its 94 degrees out. Plus, guys get to show off their boxers… Sure, the bra top may offend some, but we can’t please ’em all. Conceptually provocative, the execution of this trend does not have to be entirely scandalous. The key here is high-waisted bottoms. High pants or jeans will balance out the sex-factor, and a high-waisted skirt pairing presents as ultra-femme. This can be an intimidating trend, but its all about balance. The bra top made it to the red carpet this week, so we officially have permission to carry this out.


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