SCREEN: “Look Up” By Gary Turk


Do you know anyone who’s entire identity is defined by social media? I’m referring to the person who is extremely confident and poignant in their tweets, stunningly beautiful in their Instagram profiles, hilariously insightful in their Facebook updates. But when you meet that person in ‘real life’, they are a shell of their social media persona – shy, with no confidence or self-esteem, perhaps that person even looks completely different from their 4,000 Instagram photos.

This is one of the tragedies of this millennial technological age.  We don’t know who we really are because we spend so much time trying to create some sort of fantasy-like detached identity.  We are too concerned about what faceless entities think about (entities who we’ve never met or will never meet). We create a technological-social-media-buffer-zone with the consequence of never knowing who WE really are.

We don’t look around us and enjoy the scenery, we never breath the air. We eat dinner while looking at our collective devices’ screens and not at each other. We attend concerts with the hopes of getting the most likes’ with the pictures we take rather than absorbing the band playing.  We take a food picture as a way of saying grace or before giving thanks. We walk the street with our face down attached to our phones perusing Instagram or twitter when your future spouse might be walking right past you.

When it all gets too much, we must look up.

“Look Up” by Gary Turk from Evelyne Noire on Vimeo.