SCREEN: Have The Homeless Become Invisible?


I hate to admit it but I’m totally guilty of this. Walking down the street and a half block away I see a homeless person leaned up against the wall sprawled out amongst all of his belongings. My mind consciously (or sub-consciously) springs into ‘get-distracted-mode’ focusing a whole block ahead so that I would not have to see or even sense the homeless person quickly approaching.

The New York Rescue Mission produced this very eye-opening video where they dressed a person (who is not homeless) in a homeless person’s attire and filmed their sister/cousin/child/spouse walking by them in complete disregard of their presence.  This video shows that in fact, homeless people are invisible. We must do more to help.  Every homeless person is or was once a friend, a child, a sibling, a family member of someone else.  Please contact your nearest food bank, homeless shelter, or Samaritan house to help.