SCREEN: Have The Homeless Become Invisible?


I hate to admit it but I’m totally guilty of this. Walking down the street and a half block away I see a homeless person leaned up against the wall sprawled out amongst all of his belongings. My mind consciously (or sub-consciously) springs into ‘get-distracted-mode’ focusing a whole block ahead so that I would not have to see or even sense the homeless person quickly approaching.

The New York Rescue Mission produced this very eye-opening video where they dressed a person (who is not homeless) in a homeless person’s attire and filmed their sister/cousin/child/spouse walking by them in complete disregard of their presence. Β This video shows that in fact, homeless people are invisible. We must do more to help. Β Every homeless person is or was once a friend, a child, a sibling, a family member of someone else. Β Please contact your nearest food bank, homeless shelter, or Samaritan house to help.