LIVE: Recap ‘VS.’ – The Neptunes vs. Timbaland @ NYC Tribeca Grand Studios

The CS fam was in the house for this dope one and the final outcome of The Neptunes vs. Timbaland battle is………….a toss up.  I mean, Grindin’ vs. Big Pimping, Frontin’ vs. The Rain, there can’t be a clear winner. Right?!

Forever Fresh’s “VS” – New York’s ‘soon-to-be-longest-running-party’ possesses the perfect formula of success – song after song of verified club bangers exclusively by two of Hip Hop’s most recognized and iconic producers, set up as adversaries, with the city’s freshest DJs mixing the gems the way we want it heard. Top that with a Heineken open bar, pretty people, a whole lot of dancing, no hate, and an intimate venue that can only be accessed through an employee-only entrance and walkway (just to give it that secret members-only underground Manhattan vibe).

Check out the recap video below so you can see what I mean. And DO NOT miss the next VS jam! I’m sure you’ll hear it from us. (PS: the dude in the tank top doing the robot is all kinds of awesome).