FOOD: Sheik’s Bakery and Cafe [Miami]

Sheik’s famous roti wrap

South Florida is known for its rich culture and variety of cuisine from around the world. However, some of the best restaurants are those that are in the cut away from the busy streets of downtown and South Beach. Just ask Miami Heat’s James Jones. He is a frequent customer at Sheik’s Bakery and Cafe.

Sheik’s is a family owned and operated East and West Indian bakery and cafe that has been in business for over 8 years. The owners, married couple Allen and Bibi Baksh who are descendants from Guyana, started their venture with just the idea of baked goods but expanded into a full menu and convenience store over the years. Their mission is to provide “a fresh, delicious experience every time at a great price.” After a conversation with the couple, who were equally enlightening and hilarious, I learned that their main focus is more about providing their customers with that home feel, and catering to the needs of each individual. All the food made to order, so everything is fresh and tasty. Allen also emphasized that everything they make is health conscious with lean meats cooked in 0% Cholesterol and 0% transfat oil. Bibi is the master chef. She holds all the secret recipes for their menu items such as the curry and masala powder, the roti and the baked goods. “Our way of cooking is ‘Hallal’. For those that are not familiar, Hallal is not only how to prepare food, it is also the values of our establishment, the way we treat and train our staff, and the cleanliness of the restaurant,” Allen explained.

Chef Bibi and Son

Sheik’s does not spend much time advertising; they let word of mouth do the work. On a Saturday afternoon, there is a constant flow of customers leaving and entering. Some picking up orders they called in, some sitting down to enjoy their meal in the small cafe space that’s connected to Sheik’s convenience store. The atmosphere is reminiscent of a Caribbean corner store with all kinds of goodies. The aroma is filled with Indian spices and fresh baked breads, and you immediately feel as though you’ve drifted onto the streets of Georgetown, Guyana’s capital. Indulge in the homemade selection of pastries, or opt for a savory dish of chicken or beef curry. Either way, you will not be disappointed. “We are the best Roti Shop in South Florida”, Allen confidently states, and the people definitely agree.

If you are in the South Florida area, check out Sheik’s booth at the Friendship Cup soccer match with Jamaica vs. Haiti on Friday May 16th at 6:30pm. To view the full menu and catering options, visit their Website.

Sheik’s Bakery and Cafe is located at 184 North University Dr Pembroke Pines, FL 33024