FOOD: Maya [NYC]


People in New York love brunch.  It’s the perfect end to any weekend and one of the best ways to fight off the Sunday scaries.  Yesterday for a friend’s birthday, we all gathered at Maya on 1st Ave between 64th and 65th and I can honestly say that I haven’t been to a brunch that fun or quite that good in a long time.

For two hours you can eat absolutely anything (and as much) you want and of course, drink after drink will be presented to you for $39.  The space itself is great–we had a table of ten but didn’t feel like we were sitting on top of other people, no one was incredibly rowdy, which is kind of nice once you’re over 24, and we never felt rushed.

Since Maya is a Tequileria, the plates were small and easily shared.  Our waiter suggested he just bring out different dishes that we can all share and he did exactly that.  We were amazed by the amount of food we had in front of us and it was all very good.  I’m not incredibly adventurous when it comes to Mexican food, but I really did enjoy almost everything.  I think my favorite though was probably the french toast–although it was definitely more of a dessert so it was a little weird that we had that brought out with the rest of the dishes (but that was totally because we asked him to!).


Next time you’re in the mood for a good brunch spot for a group, definitely check out Maya.  The drinks were great, especially if you like tequila and you will certainly not leave hungry.

*I was too focused on eating/drink to take photos so I got these from Google!

1191 First Ave
New York, NY 10065