FOOD: D’s Soul Full Café [Hoboken, NJ]

Sometimes you just need a good sandwich. Whether your refrigerator’s contents are looking bleak after a hard workday or it’s Saturday afternoon and time for a necessary pick-me-up following a long Friday night, the right sandwich can be the solution to any hunger situation. D’s Soul Full Café of Hoboken is a place that can (literally) deliver you a sandwich that will satisfy your tummy no matter what the circumstances may be.

D’s Soul Full Café is an unassuming spot located among the residences of Willow Street. What you might not realize when passing this small eatery is that it packs big flavors into their wraps and sandwiches. For breakfast you can expect specialties such as their “Famous Hangover Cure” (two eggs, cheese, salt, pepper, spicy hash browns, and ham, bacon, or sausage) or “The Elvis Press-ley” (peanut butter, banana, and bacon pressed on sliced bread or a roll).



Lunch is just as creative at D’s. Each option can come rolled up in a wrap or tucked within a sub–always fresh, never skimpy. The “Spicy Drunken Turkey” (turkey slow-cooked in homemade Jim Beam bourbon sauce, avocado pepper jack cheese, baby spinach, tomatoes and chipotle mayo) was what sold me on this eatery as the bourbon sauce is drool-worthy. The next roll-up I tried, which quickly became my favorite, is the “Honey Turkey Supreme” (honey turkey breast, melted jalapeno jack cheese, bacon, sundried tomato, spinach and honey mustard dressing). The bacon is extremely crispy and gives an amazing savory contrast to the sweetness of the sundried tomato and honey mustard.


Honey Turkey Supreme Wrap


Honey Turkey Supreme Wrap

Aside from these specialties you can munch on an array of cheesy melts, healthy salads, soups, and sweet treats to finish off your meal. D’s Soul Full Café also offers some of the most unique coffee flavors I’ve ever encountered–including Graham Cracker, Peanut Butter Banana, Jamaican Me Crazy, and many, many more.


Inside D’s Soul Full Café

If you choose to dine-in at D’s, you’ll notice a quaint stage positioned near the front. D’s Soul Full Café fully supports local artists and offers a venue for performances between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Monday through Saturday or a three hour set on Sundays. They also feature a new artist every month on their walls–giving a great opportunity for patrons to learn of local artists and for local artists to sell their artwork and become acquainted with the community.

Performance Stage at D's

Performance Stage at D’s

Although dining at D’s can be a wonderful and artistic experience, their delivery service is also worth noting. A top rated spot on both Grub Hub and Seamless, you can count on fast and reliable service bringing your favorites right to your door. So when you’re tummy is empty, you can walk to Willow and 9th–or only go as far as your front door–to get so-full of D’s Soul Full Café goodies for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


D’s Soul Full Café
918 Willow Avenue
Hoboken, NJ 07030