DRINK: Brooklyn Winery [Brooklyn]

wine close up

About a month ago I (finally) went to Smorgasburg with some friends and afterwards we hit up the Brooklyn Winery.  Not only was it the first really nice day in what seems like forever, but the Brooklyn Winery was open on a Saturday!

I have honestly never heard of the Brooklyn Winery, but apparently they are typically closed for events on Saturdays but every once in awhile they are open to the public and my friends wanted to check it out.  I’m incredibly glad I did and can’t wait for the next time it’s open on a weekend.  And it’s also great to keep in mind for private events!

The winery is super close to the subway and we were able to find it really easily.  Again, since it was the first really nice day in so long we wanted to sit outside and luckily they have a semi-outdoor space that worked out really well.  We got there around 4pm and stayed for quite a while but it never felt crowded or loud.

Since it was finally white wine weather, I split a carafe of riesling (the Stainless Steel Aged Riesling to be exact) with my friend.  I really wanted Sauvignon Blanc but they surprisingly didn’t have that as an option.  But this Riesling was not as sweet as I was expecting and really did like it.  And what’s funny is the carafe came in a beaker–which added a cute touch.

Other friends with me got wine flights, which if I were to go back, I’d definitely try.  This way you can try three different ones at one go.  Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

cheese plate

Cheese plate

Since we hit up Smorgasburg beforehand, we weren’t starving but of course couldn’t resist ordering the cheese plate, which was amazing.  While the winery isn’t usually open on Saturdays, they are on almost any other day.  Definitely worth checking out!  I can’t wait to go back 🙂

Brooklyn Winery
213 North 8th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211