STYLE: Hat Season

The sun is shining a bit brighter, the winds are loosing their frigidity, its that wonderful time of year again-
Hat Season!
During the winter, fashion tends to sit on the back burner as keeping warm becomes priority.
During the summer, the focus shifts to alleviating ourselves of as much fabric as possible (and socially acceptable).
If there was ever a time to experiment with the wide brimmed fedora, its now. Yes, the fedora. Who would have thought we’d see this guy again? Well, its undergone a makeover; less Bruno Mars-y, more Indiana Jones-y. Adding this accessory to your ensemble requires a certain degree of bravery, but once you slip it on, you’ll exude it. Transform your average errand running Saturday into an adventurous  excursion with this bold hat; its just large enough to make a statement, and just far enough from its ancestor to reveal your evolutionary-aware fashion sense.

hat fur  hat and denimhat lepord

hat glasses  hat manhat brown