As spring approaches to what seemed to be an east coast ‘forever-winter-wonderland’, I’m already looking forward to the sun-soaked, pollen-less summer.  The rooftop Bar-B-Ques in Brooklyn. The ice cream truck posted down the block with its melodic tune repetitively playing.  Watching hipsters play kickball in Williamsburg’s McCarren Park with an extra large styrofoam cup filled with margarita in hand.  And best of all, taking a trip outside of the city to [fill-in-the-blank] beach to catch the rays and dip in the ocean.

So for those of you patiently waiting for the brisk spring weather to subside, for the pollen levels to decrease, and for that text from the boy/girl you’ve been crushing on inviting you to a ‘crew beach-trip’, watch this cool video to hold you down for a couple more weeks.

Water from Morgan Maassen on Vimeo.