NEWS: Fried Chicken Prom Corsages, Veggies in Space, Powdered Alcohol, Pizza Layer Cake, and More


[Photo from Gothamist]

KFC Fried chicken prom corsages. (Gothamist)

On those same lines, a new restaurant called Bird & Bubbles is opening up in NYC which serves up – you guessed it – fried chicken and champagne. (Eater NY)

…and fried chicken crust pizza. (The Daily Meal)

Powdered alcohol? (SB Nation)

Veggies are officially out of this world with the International Space Station’s new vegetable garden. (Slate)

A company is fighting to get crickets to be kosher-certified. The struggle is real. (NY Mag)

What’s better than layer cake? Pizza layer cake. (Grub Street)

The best vegan food truck, Cinnamon Snail (actually, the best food truck in general) needs a new snail shell. Let’s make it happen! (Kickstarter)

Artichoke Negroni! (Gastronomista)

Bright blue chicken. (NPR)

Bye, Ronald McDonald. (The Daily Meal)

A bootleg Jurassic Park themed Taiwanese restaurant, in case anyone’s interested. (VICE)

Baby food names. (Bon Appetit)

Why does bacon smell so good? (Compound Interest)

Stoner food. (Village Voice)

Also, a huge congrats to Bit By A Fox for winning Readers’ Choice in the Saveur Best Food Blog awards! If you haven’t already, check out our interview with Prairie Rose, then head over to her blog to some cocktail magic.