NEWS: Eating at All Hours [Boston]

New York City may hold the title for “the city that never sleeps,” but with recent food initiatives, Boston seems to be vying for “the city that always eats.”

Late Night Food Truck Hours

dining car

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Thanks to an approved pilot program, food trucks around Copley Square, Boston University, and Northeastern University will now be serving dinner until midnight. That means if you’re catching the also-newly-approved late train, you can grab a bite first. And for the undergrads in the area, I can imagine no greater joy than drunkenly stumbling upon a car that serves food (!!!). If all goes well, i.e. no food truck brawls, this could become a permanent measure for midnight munchies.

Participating food trucks are: BBQ Lamb Brothers; Bon Me; Chicken and Rice Guys; Cookie Monstah; Frozen Hoagies; Mediterranean Home Cooking; Meng’s Kitchen; Stoked Pizza; Tea Station; The Bacon Truck

Grocery Home Delivery


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For any Bostonite who has endured the hell of after-work grocery shopping and vowed “never again” while hyperventilating in a Market Basket aisle, here’s good news! You can now send someone else to shoulder-bump old ladies out of the way while you stay at home watching Netflix!

Instacart, a California company come east, offers same-day grocery delivery via a network of personal shoppers. (Yes, that’s right. People who actually volunteer to do your errands for you.) The company services Boston and surrounding suburbs including Cambridge, Somerville, Arlington, Belmont, and Brighton with delivery from Whole Foods, Costco, Market Basket, Shaws and Russo’s.

I was able to shop Instacart’s website during my lunch break and compare prices between stores. While grocery orders can span multiple stores, each store does have an order minimum. I split my order with my roommate to save on delivery fee and we planned to have the groceries arrive right after work. I received a call from our personal shopper about fifteen minutes before delivery time asking about product substitutions for things he couldn’t find and got text messages letting me know when the order was on its way.

Hearing the loud dinging of the registers in the background of the phone call and watching our shopper carry five bags of groceries slung around each wrist gave me brief pangs of guilt that were almost immediately overcome by the relief of being able to make dinner without having to leave the house. Some days deserve that luxury.