MUSIC: Sye Elaine Spence: Bloom EP


Simply put, the Bloom Ep is tricky. Sye Elaine Spence expels magic one enchanting note at a time, fooling one’s multi-sensory preceptors into feeling sun rays and velvety flower petals, smelling fragrant creek water and the back and forth momentum of a porch swing. The four songs on Bloom are rapturing portals, taking listeners into more picturesque scenes than their own.  Not just when Spence sings descriptively of halcyon days on “Long Live The Summertime,” but more so when she lends her delicate timbre to Bob Marley’s “Is This Love”. The transposing glee in her vocal performance is captivating throughout. She is a storyteller, and with every pluck of the acoustic accompaniment, a truthful narrative of love and pain is exposed. Though short-lived, Bloom is spellbinding, proving Sye Elaine Spence a master of her craft.

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