MUSIC: Prince – Breakdown


After an extremely messy divorce that publicly payed out for a good couple of years in the ’90’s, Prince and Warner Brothers have made up. Normally this shouldn’t be news for most music fans, in 2014 the major record labels are just shells of what they once were. However, with this deal Prince gets control of his masters from his classic years and as a result, promised some deluxe editions and unreleased music from his extremely prolific vault. If more music from 1999 or Controversy Prince does’t make you happy, you probably aren’t breathing. To celebrate the creative reunion, Prince has dropped a new song, “Breakdown” which is presumably from his upcoming album. It’s a solid slow burner, and shows why he’s still vital in 2014 as he was in 1984. You can listen to it here, and in the meantime check out Prince doing his modern Prince thing with 2,821 different dancers and musicians on stage from the Arsenio Hall show a few weeks back.