MUSIC: Jucara Marcal – Encarnado

Jucara Marcal is a Brazilian singer who’s been making music for over 20 years. Recently she’s been focusing on solo records and her latest is a doozy. The album, Encarnado (translated to ‘Incarnate’), theme is death and it’s not surprising; even without understanding Portuguese there’s a darkness to the record.

For a Brazilian record, the percussion is almost non-existent, at times the plugging of a guitar or other string instrument can help to keep the beat but the record is very stripped down. On the flipside, as opposed to going acoustic guitar they go electric will full distortion, which gives the songs a sometimes ominous bite despite Jucara’s sunny sounding vocals (which lyrically are anything but). Lest you think this is all Metalocalypse, it is still firmly a pop album, just one flirting with deeper themes and sounds that we are used to outside of Brazil.

You can download the album here for free or stream the whole thing below. I suggest you give it a try, it’s great.