MUSIC: José James – EveryLittleThing


José James is someone who’s been a torchbearer for classic soul, R&B and jazz vocals. While he’s not afraid to wear his influences on his sleeve (every time I have seen him live he’s rocked a Yankee fitted cap like he was about to freestyle) he makes it fit organically with his traditionalist sound. With his latest song, “EveryLittleThing” all that goes out of the window; it’s a complete 180 from anything James has been involved with before. It’s an electronic rock song, with a sinister synthesizer line that seems more at home with Yeezus then anything on Blue Note records. While I have a sneaking suspicion reactions will be mixed, it’s nice that someone as deep in his career as Mr.James is still willing to throw curveballs at his audience. Listen below..