LIVE: FKA Twigs at Glasslands

FKA Twigs is part of a class of aspiring up tempo R&B scarlets that seem to take Aaliyah as an inspiration. They all have a superior sense of production and presentation, but use those as a focal point as opposed to pure vocal ability like their idol. After making as much buzz for her music as her style, she finally hit New York City for her stateside debut to prove she’s as much a live artist as she is one on record.

Twigs hit the stage nearly pitch black wearing a Kimono and hairstyle that reminded me of Bjork’s ‘Homogenic’ cover. Halfway through her shed that costume for a see through white lace jumper. Twig’s is stunning with solid stage presence of which there is no doubt o doubt due to her years as a ballet dancer. At various times during the set she would swing her arms in tune to the music and contort her body to the cheers of the crowd with moves that seemed strange but sexy.

She plowed through some older songs and upcoming new tracks (one with vocals done completely in hushed tones). Where Twigs really showed the crowd her chops was when she performed tracks off her breakout (and crowd favorite) EP2. Produced by Kanye West ‘Yeezys’ collaborator Arca, it’s a mix of hard-hitting beats, sexy mood music, and a mix of clear and manipulated vocals. Since her live band was just three men manning two drum machines and a keyboard it was difficult to replicate the complexity of that production. As a result to have those tracks hit as hard as they do on wax she had to step it up vocally and she did, her voice clear, sharp and powerful.