Credit: Kyle Dean Reinford

TAUK is an instrumental band based in New York (Long Island stand up!) who traffics in genre bending sounds that pop from prog-metal all the way up to jazz. They dropped their pretty great album Homunculus last year and are poised to drop their followup this year. At The Couchsessions we got a chance to ask TAUK man on keys, Alric “A.C.” Carter in the middle of their tour. They are playing a show in the always great Brooklyn Bowl on May 7th, its guaranteed to be a great show!

How’s the new album coming along and how is it working with Robert Carranza?

A.C.: The album is coming along just fine. We’re approaching this album a little differently because we’ve been out on the road so much. We wanted to be able to road test these new songs and see how they felt live before we recorded. Right now we have the drums and will add everything else during the last 2 weeks of April. We’re really excited!

Could you describe some of the songs that might make the record?

This record has more of a dance vibe to it. We’ve been experimenting with more electronic sounds, however, we didn’t want to completely change our identity. People will definitely be grooving and foot-tapping to these new tunes.

You guys are based in Long Island which has a good musical tradition (lots of seminal punk and hip-hop groups started there), what do you think has kept you there as opposed to moving closer to the various music scenes that have exploded in NYC and Brooklyn? Additional question, what’s your favorite thing about living there (sorry, I am a native!)

Long Island has always been home. Its where we rehearse and where a lot of ideas start out for us. One of the best things about Long Island aside from the beaches and bagels (Shout out to Bagel Boss!) is the proximity to the rising music scenes in Manhattan/Brooklyn. We’re only 25mins away at most which allows us to keep abreast on whats going on.

Some of you guys have been playing with each other since middle school; how do you keep things fresh over such a long period of time?

We’re always challenging each other. Whether it be a video game, basketball, or writing music, we always strive to push each other to be the best we can. When you know your friends for so long its easy to get comfortable and settle. However, there’s no room for egos in this band and I think thats one of the elements that continues to push us along towards our collective goals we set for ourselves.

With the songwriting process, how do you get from jams to actual bits of song craft?

It all depends on how the song is brought in or who brings in the idea. There isn’t one particular way we compose songs. Sometimes someone will bring in a song that is completely written out note for note and other times a song will emerge out of a mistake in rehearsal. At the end of the day each person will develop their individual parts until we feel that each section of the song flows and is cohesive.

Outside of a chance to sleep in your actual beds, what’s your favorite thing about playing in New York City?

As cliche as it sounds, there’s no place I’ve played that has a vibe like NYC. There’s a certain energy here that isn’t quite like other places. To be honest, its really hard to describe. Other than the great vibe NYC has, 24hr access to all the tastiest foods you could want has to be my favorite thing. We love to eat!