FOOD: Roebling Tea Room [Brooklyn]


This past weekend I spent a bit of time in Brooklyn, which is a little unusual for me.  As I was walking around I couldn’t help but think, “I have no idea where I am.”  I feel like if you dropped me anywhere in Manhattan I could find my way around but Brooklyn is a whole different situation for me so I was really excited about trying something new.

On a friend’s recommendation, a couple of friends and I went to Roebling Tea Room which she told us was one of the best burgers she’s ever had.  That’s a pretty bold statement, but I was, and typically am, always in the mood for a good burger. And you can easily tell the difference between a mediocre burger and a really good one so I was totally into this suggestion.

I think the best burger I’ve ever had was at Minetta Tavern in the West Village, which for $30 absolutely should be the best, but again, I’m always up for finding great burgers.

The vibe of the Roebling Tea Room was pretty cool–it was homey, cozy, casual, and a little romantic.  I was totally into it.  The rest of the menu looked nice enough but I was really focused on the burger.  It is $16 which is not unheard of but a bit on the pricey side–considering this wasn’t a dive bar though it was pretty much what I expected.

It took a decent amount of time before our food came out, we all ordered the burgers and it wasn’t particularly crowded, but it was absolutely worth the wait. This was a serious burger.  The spices in the meat were on point and it was perfectly cooked and even had a special Big Mac style sauce that you can either get on the side or smothered all over the top.  I opted for on the side and ended up putting it everywhere.  I didn’t reach for the ketchup once and was absolutely ok with that.  The bun was average I’d say–but this burger was totally about the meat.  If you’re in Williamsburg, definitely check this out for a date night or with some friends.  Good vibes and excellent burgers.

Roebling Tea Room
143 Roebling Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211