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FOOD: Greek Town Gyros [Rutherford, NJ]

by Brittany Temple

Perhaps I can blame it on not being Greek — but I truly didn’t realize I wasn’t having awesome Greek food, until I had awesome Greek food. This realization came to me when I first dined at Greek Town Gyros of Rutherford.


I took a chance on this low-key eatery when I was on the hunt for something different. In times like these I typically turn to the Internet in search of a place with a steady backing because it’s safe to say people only go out of their way to post reviews for places they really love or really hate–and I found Greek Town Gyros because it is deeply loved by many. Greek Town Gyros is an unassuming spot (I actually walked right by it twice before finally finding its blue awning), but do not let that fool you! They offer up classic Greek dishes with incredible flavor.


For starters, their hummus has a zesty yet homemade flavor that will leave you longing for unlimited pita bread just to scrape the plate completely clean. Topped with a drizzle of olive oil, you get a heaping plate of this fresh appetizer that is more than enough to hold you over until the entrée comes.




Pita Bread

While sizing up the menu for your main dish, there are several ways to enjoy your favorite Greek dishes. If you are craving a traditional gyro, you have the option of getting it folded into a sandwich, served as a platter, or even rolled up as a wrap. If you are in search of the most bang for your buck, then the platter is where your search should end. Not only do you get a Greek salad to start, but you also get a side of pita bread and a choice of rice, lemon potatoes, or french fries in addition to the main entrée.


Greek Salad

The traditional gyro meat is sliced thin, incredibly tender, and spiced to perfection, as is the chicken gyro meat. Served with a side of their lemon potatoes (which are simply baked with some oregano, lemon juice and olive oil but somehow taste like magic), fresh pita bread, and creamy tzatziki sauce, you have yourself an insanely delicious Greek meal. The tzatziki deserves some recognition all on its own because, it’s simply the best I’ve ever had.

Chicken Gyro Platter with Lemon Potatoes

Chicken Gyro Platter with Lemon Potatoes

Gyro Platter with Lemon Potatoes

Gyro Platter with Lemon Potatoes

Tzatziki Sauce and Pita Bread

Tzatziki Sauce and Pita Bread

Gyro Platter Glory

Gyro Platter Glory

A great benefit to ordering up a platter (aside from a full belly and total satisfaction) is the flexibility of eating it however you like–roll some slices of meat up in a pita or eat it all separately–the choice is yours! Speaking of choices, you don’t have to be well versed in Greek food in order to dine at Greek Town Gyros. Aside from traditional Greek fare, they have some additional options for the less adventurous; though if there is one place that could turn a newcomer into an aficionado, Greek Town Gyros is the place to do it. Not far from the chaos of Route 3, don’t hesitate to dip off the highway to sample what this Park Avenue favorite has to offer, especially during rush hour–why waste time in traffic when there’s pita within reach?

Greek Town Gyros
65 Park Avenue
Rutherford, NJ 07070

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