FOOD: CraveClean Bakery [Miami]


Ever notice when you’re working out or trying to stay healthy, temptation creeps up and the next thing you know you are sobbing into a massive slab of cheesecake? I refuse to believe I am the only one who has experienced this. Luckily for humanity, I have been introduced to the CraveClean bakery. CraveClean was developed by fitness devotee Francesca Caltagirone. These sweet treats are everything. Francesca has combined the delicious decadence of your favorite baked good, but maintains wholesome ingredients that are protein-rich and contain nothing but quality carb protein, minus the artificial and unnatural ingredients. CraveClean is perfect for that post workout protein fix, or just a little sweet indulgent snack without the guilt.

I was fortunate enough to taste a few of their signature cupcakes. I was delighted to meet the creator of CraveClean when she hand delivered me my box of goodies. Francesca stated that she was sick of the lackluster protein bars and sugary shakes after working out, and refused to settle for the boring, tasteless snack alternatives. “Being healthy and eating clean shouldn’t mean neglecting your body of sweets and treats that we all crave,” Francesca said. She went on to say all the ingredients were either natural or homemade, such as the hazelnut spread and the almond milk. I was thrilled to discover the variety of flavors that CraveClean offered. The Coco-Nilla cupcake (142 calories, 11 grams of protein) to a personal favorite, The Choco PB Cupcake (127 calories, 8 grams of protein), CraveClean has managed to complement nutritious snacks that are good and good for you. I could definitely taste the love and effort put into every delicious bite.


CraveClean treats are currently available for pick-up and delivery, but are also located at LA Fitness in Kendall, the Mobil Mart on 32 Avenue and 24th Street, and The Market on 2324 Salzedo Street in Coral Gables. Shortly after meeting with Francesca, I was excited to find out she just purchased her lease on her very own bakery in Miami, the address is 3822 SW 8th Street. I cannot wait for what delicious concoctions she comes up with.

CraveClean’s harmony between taste and nutrition blows all those preconceived notions out the window. Who said you can’t have your cake and lose weight too? Visit Simply Clean Eats to keep up to date with the grand opening for the CraveClean bakery in Miami.

CraveClean developer Francesca Caltagirone