FOOD: Brunch at Potlikker [Brooklyn]

The first thing upon arrival of Potlikker that you see is the pink neon light in the doorway of the restaurant welcoming you in. That pink light is the first sign that this is no ordinary place.

Bringing a new spin on the food we know so well, Potlikker’s menu finds comforting flavors, but pushes them to new places.

Poached Egg

Poached Egg

The simple decor is light and airy, and the restaurant interior looks like it was taken right from a bed and breakfast. With tables lining the entire left side, the bar curves straight into the open kitchen where you can watch the chefs turn out the savory dishes that make up their unique menu.


The brunch items change weekly, and can sell out if you get there late(I missed the popular Mediterranean Breakfast that includes eggs shirred in olive oil and a semolina gnocchi cake), but they offer egg dishes, sandwiches, and salads along with a few sides. A full bar brings drink specials like the Champagne Cocktail made with rhubarb and strawberries to the menu, and of course the always needed Bloody Mary.

Dutch Pancake

Dutch Pancake

The dishes that stood out when I visited were the Dutch Pancake and the Poached Egg, both based in their traditional dishes, but pushed to modernization. The Dutch Pancake was oven baked with potatoes, peppers, Italian sheep’s milk cheese, and topped with bacon. The crispy bacon was a great contrast to the light and fluffy pancake bowl and it was filling without overdoing the portion.

The Poached Egg took the classic dish in a different direction by having the egg lightly covered in breadcrumbs and fried to perfection. Served atop a lemon celery and cucumber salad, the crispy outside of the egg made way to the warm yolk that mixed well with the tang of the salad when broken. A freshly toasted crostini was brought alongside the bowl, giving that added crunch to scoop the yolk that’s always the best part of the meal.

Additional noteworthy dishes on the menu are the Corned Beef Hash made with slow cooked brisket and house Brown Bread French Toast, the Philly French Dip served with beer cheese and dipping jus, and the Duck Confit Bahn Mi that encompasses a duck croquette, shaved ham, cucumber, orange, cilantro and sweet and sour shallots.

Potlikker’s seasonal and innovative menu showcases people’s favorite food in a new way. Lines outside the door each weekend are an indication that this “comfort food, redesigned” theory is what keeps people coming back for more. You’ll never know what you’ll find at Potlikker, so keep your eyes open on the specials, keep your stomach hungry, and look for the pink sign to guide you there.

338 Bedford Avenue
Williamsburg, Brooklyn