openhouse cheese

[photo credit: Openhouse Gallery]

New York has its fair share of great grilled cheeses. Between the hundreds of cheese shops, thousands of restaurants and multiple melt shop locations alone, deciding on the best is a tough task for one to do alone. Luckily, this coming weekend will bring all of the best grilled cheese sandwiches under one roof to compete for the sought after title of best grilled cheese in New York City. For the fourth year in a row, the Big Cheesy will bring together the city’s gooeist sandwiches for two days of melted cheese bliss.

Brought to you by Time Out NY, samples of each restaurant’s sandwich will be dished out at Openhouse Gallery starting at 11am on Saturday and ending at 7pm Sunday night. This year’s competitors include the likes of Murray’s, Sons of Essex, Melt Shop, and 5oz Factory, among many others, who will be grilling up samples of their favorites during the weekend cheese fest. With Goose Island beer on tap to complement the cheese tasting, it will come down to the very last vote to decide who will take home the title of best grilled cheese. You may just be the deciding factor, so get in on the cheese and pick up your ticket here before they’re all sold out.

The Big Cheesy
April 12th and 13th
Openhouse Gallery, 201 Mulberry St. New York, NY