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EVENT: Five Boro Craft Beer Fest [NYC]

by Kayleigh Clark

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Last night I went to the Five Boro Craft Beer Fest in Long Island City.  While I admittedly got a little lost making my way there, I was really impressed with this event!  The space, Studio Square, was very cool–and not to mention it took place on a Friday night so you could really take advantage of the unlimited beer tastings.

Upon entering, you are given a small tasting glass and a pretty legit bottle opener (that was actually not needed for the event itself but makes for a very cool gift to bring home!).  Walking into the main space, I was happy to see enough people to fill the room, yet there were no lines for any of the beers or food.

The first beer I had was the McKenzie’s Black Cherry Cider.  I love cider but flavors don’t always jump out at me.  But I was pleasantly surprised and even went back for at least three more tastings throughout the night!

Bite Size Kitchen

Bite Size Kitchen

While there wasn’t a ton of food, there was a good sampling to fill you up while you made your way around the room.  I had crab rangoon, tiny fancy hotdogs, and steamed pork buns.  Quite a cool selection that’s actually making me hungry thinking about it.

harlem blue

I can’t say I tried all of the beers, but I did the best I could and did have another favorite apart from the McKenzie’s cider.  In the back corner of the room were two guys from Harlem Blue and they had an “everyday ale”.  It was easily my favorite–completely drinkable (some of the beers were heavier and I’m not really too partial to IPA) and they were super friendly.  I will definitely be looking for this beer in the city!

All in all it was a really nice event with only a couple of downsides.  I do think the $85 price tag was a bit too much and the band was INCREDIBLY too loud.  I was with two friends and we could barely talk over them.  But it was a night filled with good beer and good food–and I’ve even come away with a couple of new favorites which is a win in my book.

Stolen Rhodes

Stolen Rhodes