SHORT FILM: Devil In The Room


Do you know the feeling of waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to move? That feeling of something or someone holding you down rendering you immobile? Yeah, pretty freaky.  Many cultures have attempted to explain this phenomenon.  In the US we have the boogey-man.  In the Philippines it’s due to eating right before you go to bed – Bangungot, or its more sinister version the Batibat.  Japan – the Pokkuri, Thailand – the Lai Tai, and the list goes on.

Filmmaker Mackinnonworks explores this phenomena in their slightly creepy and vastly entertaining short film Devil In The Room. This film really hit close to home as I had this experience just a few days ago and man it freaked the heck out of me! Check out the video below and freak yourself out for a little bit.

Devil In The Room from Mackinnonworks on Vimeo.