SCREEN: This Is a Generic Brand Video


Have you ever found yourself being transcendently inspired by a TV commercial only to realize that the commercial was merely trying to sell you a Toyota Corolla, life insurance, or a new burger at (fill-in-the-blank) fast food restaurant?  The man tirelessly and honorably working at a steel manufacturing plant, the women selflessly working at a food bank, the young football player running towards the end zone while his parents are cheering him on, the boardroom meeting replete with employees of all different races cooperatively concocting their next grand business scheme.  And the list goes on.  These are all stock footage and images that corporation’s marketing department purchase for their advertisements.

In our world of focus group sales-strategy, corporations have found that the best way into a person’s wallet is not through direct advertising of their product or service, but rather appealing to you, the consumer’s raw emotion and generalized relatable experiences.  This video by Dissolve Footage ingeniously depicts these images and through wit and sarcasm exposes these corporations’ tactics.  All in all, this is basically everything you hate about corporate ads in one amazing video.  Must see below!