NEWS: Milk & Cookie Shots, Sports Drink Beer, Bacon-Scented Alarm Clocks, and More


[Photo via Eater]

Move over, Cronut – milk and cookie shots have arrived. (Eater)

On that note, here’s the CroisBun. (Eater Boston)

So, beer as a sports drink? (Jezebel)

A bacon-scented alarm clock! (Wake Up And Smell the Bacon)

Pretty sure 40 days of beer is not what God was thinking about when he invented Lent, but hey. (EV Grieve).

A burger a day? Okay! (PornBurger)

$10 lattes in Greenpoint. (Brooklyn Magazine)

Make your own Shamrock Shake! (Refinery29)

Well, guess who’s never going to eat from a NYC Chinese seafood market ever? (New York Times)

Taste testing the new Chipotle tofu burritos. (Zagat)

Do you agree with this list of the 13 Best Dive Bars in NYC? (Gothamist)

The luckiest pizza delivery guy ever. (CNN)

And a little self-plugging: my reviews of two must-visits – Carnitas El Atoradero, if you’re craving authentic Mexican food and are willing to trek to the Bronx, and By The Way Bakery, for gluten-free treats in the UWS that are delicious whether you’re avoiding gluten or not.