MUSIC: Quantic – Magnetica


From downtempo to funk, soul, salsa, traditional Colombian rhythms, cumbia, and trip hop, producer and multi-instrumentalist William Holland aka “Quantic” has been making records for over a decade around the world, literally. Magnetica is the first Quantic album under his main solo moniker since 2006’s, An Announcement To Answer, and in the interim this [prolific artist] guy has raised the stakes further with acclaimed side-projects including The Quantic Soul Orchestra, Quantic y su Combo Bárbaro, Quantic & Alice Russell, Flowering Inferno and Ondatrópica (Soundway).

Because he’s so big, he gets an album preview video showing you clips and pictures of places that are probably prettier, cooler, and more relaxed then wherever you are reading this. Watch a video that reminds you of somewhere warmer below, and check out the title track.