MUSIC: Le1f – Boom


It seems every year or so there’s a few articles written about a queer rap movement where they name drop acts like walking art project Mykki Blanco or the outright filthy (but extremely solid) Cakes Da Killa. Le1f, with his recent trip to the Letterman show and signing to an XL Records imprint seems the closest to blow. While I was never a fan of how articles would just throw them all together simply because of their sexual orientation, what makes their career worth watching is how uniformly great all their production work and choices have been. Since they all have history with dance music their beats tend to knock, yet still be extremely experimental even in this cloud rap era of rap we are in. Anyway, check out what I mean below with Le1f’s latest, and don’t miss the message of being careful not to mess with the people who serve your food.