MUSIC: Jay Electronica – We Made It feat. Jay-Z actually rapping


Jay Electronica has started off his springtime correctly with TWO new songs. The fabled MC has been strong in every category (skills, check, famous friends, check, gossip, check) except actual output since he came out the gate with his Exhibit single series, something it looks like he might correct in 2014.

And Jay-Z is back in form since his wife out rapped him with the word, “surfbort”. Not only is he swaging out all over the track, he decided to take a shot at Drake after he dropped some very slight critiques in an interview on Jay-Z’s recent fascination of art references in his raps

Sorry Mrs. Drizzy cause so much art I talk/
Silly me rapping bout shit I really bought/
While these rappers rap about guns they aint shot/
and a bunch of other shit that they aint got

Ouch. No subliminal swipe there, let the 2014 Mc wars begin!