MUSIC Elle Varner X SOB’s TV – Cold Case


Talented singer/songwriter and all around pretty girl Elle Varner has dropped her new single, Cold Case. Her newest album is called Four Letter Word and if the first single is a hint it’s probably not going to be the one that you think. After a humorous intro Varner goes all out and she rips into a lover over a slow lurching beat and the song bangs; it’s nice to see her broaden her sound but still keep the songwriting sharp.

SOB’s, pretty much an institution in New York City’s live music scene, have plans to branch out this spring into SOB’s TV where you can catch much of the footage they’ve captured during their shows (interviews, behind the scene stuff, performances, etc). It’s almost like being there, but in the comfort of your own home. Ms. Varner performed recently and spoke to the crew over there, and here she is in all her pretty glory.