Jay Electronica: The Prodigal Son

Jay Elect Praying

Jay Z’s swipe at Drake (an inevitable turn of events when you’re Drake) should not make us lose sight of why “We Made It” caught our attention in the first place.  Jay Electronica aka Jay ElecYarmulke aka Jay ElecHanukkah aka Jay ElecRamadaan, makes converts out of  naysayers that thought the rapper may never release new music this side of Jordan. Then, “We Made it” appears out of thin air. Our prayers have been answered. Jay Elect’s Louisiana roots get the best of him over a Soulja Boy production (originally Drake’s –Ouch!) with a bouncy staccato that does not compromise the fluidity of his morphing cadence. His lines like trip wires, hasten in tempo to a war cry, rather than a “welcome back.” The last time Jay Elect made us look was when “Exhibit C” was a mix show favorite. Fast forward, and his quantum leap lands him at Roc Nation, now, with boss man Jay Z as the perfect anchor to Electronica’s running lead. Though fans may continue to equivocate on whether Jay Electronica will ever release a full length LP, “We Made It” is proof that his lyrical integrity has not wavered, and more impressively, that the pressure to deliver one of the most anticipated albums in rap can also be used as steam to become one of the most talked about rappers this year.


Bonus: Jay Electronica’s “Better In Tune With The Infinite”  -He’s back!