FOOD: Spotlight on Cameo Macaron [Boston]


photo from Cameo Macaron

Mother Nature has been torturing Boston with a few warm days this past week and I fall for it every time. Out come the bike, the t-shirts, the flats, to be quickly replaced the next day by the MBTA, the layered sweaters, and the knee-high boots. To keep my spirits high, I’ve been fantasizing about food truck lunches and the days when I will leave my office building with more than my eyes exposed to the elements. There might even be sun! Of all the food trucks soon to be parked around every corner, one in particular speaks to the promise of spring: Boston’s first French macaron truck, Cameo Macaron.

Founder Kinesha Goldson did her undergrad years at our very own Northeastern University, including a study abroad in France where her Parisian love affair involved cookies. (I think we can all commiserate.) It was a fated affair and the two went their separate ways when Kinesha returned to Boston. She nurtured that flame, though, and it is her we can thank for Cameo Macaron and flavors that include Nutella, White Chocolate, and the ever-hip Salted Caramel.

photo from Cameo Macaron

French macarons actually differ from macaroons, though they can both trace their lineage to Italy (no surprise) and are both delicious. As an added bonus, Cameo’s cookies are gluten-free, transfat- and preservative-free and kosher. I can think of no better reason to indulge. It looks like the truck has yet to be assigned a route by Boston’s Food Truck Initiative but Cameo is active on TwitterFacebook, Instagram, and in local events.

These delightful, colored cookies are buoys of hope for better weather. Absolute worst case, they would go really well with a cup of hot tea. That’s what we call a win-win.